Climate: Senmoria enjoys a pretty temperate climate for most of the year. It does not get terribly hot in the summmer months (April through September), but not overly cold in the winter either.

Geography: Senmoria is mostly made of of grassy, flat countryside. A few hills dot the landscape, and an abundance of oak, apple, aspen, and willow trees make the area incredibly picturesque. streams babble along rocky paths, and the easy going countryside is a favorite of nobles and royalty for vacations, especially since it is not nearly as busy as the similar city state of Ravensbrook.

Industry: Senmoria is one of the more industrialized city states. They are also one of the largest in terms of business and revenue. There are blacksmiths, weapons smiths, armorers, metal workers, factories that produce all kinds of products, traders, trappers, a very large fishing and farming industry, and a multitude of other things. If it exists, you can pretty much find it in Senmoria.

Lifestyle: Senmoria is a hustling, bustling type of place with many different types of citizens living their. Some of them are so poor that they live in rags on the street, and some are so rich that they have their own mansions made from prized wood and precious rock hauled in from the northern mountains. Most of the lower class consists of riff raff and beggars, while the middle class is composed of workers who work in any one of the major industries in Senmoria. A good part of the citizens also serve time in the Senmoria guard. The high class of Senmoria are usually business owners who have made their wealth by keen business moves, acquiring wealth by selling products to the masses or by running a successful fishing/farming empire. Senmoria is also one of the more cultured city states… it even has places of entertainment like theaters.

History: Senmoria was the scene of a very historic battle during Tolmoric’s uprising. Actually, exact accounts of what happened are sketchy… some say that Senmoria fell, but others say that Tolmoric’s forces were actually halted and driven back in Senmoria. Regardless, the city is proud of it’s heritage, and citizens definitely boast that a victory was achieved there.

Ethnicity: Senmoria is a very culturally diverse city state. It is made up of roughly… 20% human… 20% half elf… 20% Gnome… 10% elf… 10% halfling…10% half orc… 5% elf… 5% Dwarf


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