Omnabi is a city state of Vorucia located just south of the Wilderness of Lhoan and North of Senmoria.

Climate: Omnabi is very cold in the winter, and moderately warm during the summer. The ice and snow melt in April, and come back in October.

Geography: Omnabi is located in the foothills of the Wilderness mountain ranges of the north, so it’s geography is very rocky and hilly. Small mountains and mountain passes make up the bulk of Omnabi’s geography, but south of Omnabi there are some fields and sparse tree cover. The trees in this area are mostly oak.

Industy: Omnabi is very much a fishing community, due to a large lake that resides nearby. This is called Omnabi Lake. A lot of the populace also farm and hunt. A handfull of citizens who reside in Omnabi trap and hunt in the mountains. Omnabi is located in the foothills of the Northern Wilderness Mountains, so dragons and other enormous creatures of the mountains have influenced their culture quite a bit.

Lifestyle: Residents of this city state live in log or wooden homes. Some of the wealthier citizens live in homes made up of stone and wood. Since the temperatures are fairly moderate in this area year-around, the houses are built more for comfort and style than for survival.

History: Omnabi took part in the Battle for Senmoria during Tolmoric’s uprising by aiding the city with reinforcements and also holding off the Northern Army of the enemy while Senmoria fought off the Southern and Western Army.

Ethnicity: 50% human… 30% Halfling… 15% half elf… 5% other.


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