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This is the beginning of the 5th age. Vorucia has finally been purged of warfare and chaos with the crowning of it’s first king, King Osthamus Degrott. This new age of peace follows a war that ravaged Vorucia for years following the fall of The Ten, who were slain by Tolmoric. When Tolmoric’s uprising failed, the land was again plunged into darkness and chaos… only to be reborn in the hands of Osthamus Degrott. Osthamus did what no other individual had ever managed to do… unite the kingdom and bring all of the city states together under one rule.

Finally, Vorucia has achieved the peace that it has so longed for since the fall of The Ten in the Second Age. But the newly formed kingdom is not completely free of chaos that ensued before it’s birth just quite yet… enemies within the kingdom seek to tear it apart… opponents of the king want to see him dead, and unrest threatens to undue Osthamus Degrott’s work every single day.

It is for these reasons that the king is assembling a group of specialized individuals to act as agents on his behalf… to protect the kingdom and it’s interests from enemies, both within and from the outside. These agents will be called Shadows. The Shadows will step in when the job requires too much specialization for normal law enforcement, or when excessive force or skill is needed. They will be a special, secret force to serve the king, and they will have one purpose and goal in mind… to rid Vorucia of any and all foes that would seek to destroy it.

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