History of Vorucia

1st Age… The Age of Unwritten History.

Long ago, since the beginning of time, Vorucia was a land marred by darkness, war, and chaos. Different factions and clans fought violently against each other for precious resources like food, water, and gold. Rulers rose and fell, and for every ruler who failed to make any sort of headway in bringing peace to Vorucia, ten more would rise up to take his place. It was a land of brutality, violence, and unrest. There was no government, no peace, no order… and worst of all, no hope. During this first period of history, magic was really never learned or used to great efficiency. Anyone who learned anything at all about magic needed to learn it completely from scratch, and they often died before they could pass on what they had learned to another person. Spellbooks were things of legend, and only a handful of the brightest minds were able to master written language at all, much less formulate any thoughts on paper that survived the raids and village burnings. In the artifact document known as “The Elder Histories”, Seuthe the Elder, who later became one of the Ten Wizards to form the council of the ten, described those times using the following passage…

“In the first age, which was called by us the age of unwritten history, mankind was foolish, proud, and power hungry. I am not sure which came first, the spoken word or the sword, but both were used for evil as man, elf, orc, and dwarf sought nothing but power and riches. Kingdom arose against Kingdom, King against King… years turned into centuries as blood was spilled in an endless saga of wars and conflicts, each one bigger and bloodier than the last. In these ages, before the invention of the written word was fully utilized, magic and it’s users were almost non-existent. It was not until the second age… the Age of The Ten, that magic began to make headway as a means to shape history.” Seuthe, The Elder

2nd Age… The Age of The Ten

It is difficult to piece together exactly how or when the second age came about, but there is no doubt that this age changed Vorucia forever. “The Elder Histories” describes the 2nd Age as such…

“In the years prior to the age of Ten, ten beings managed to learn the arts of magic to a potential full enough to wield it effectively in combat. Independently, these men were like gods among sword wielding insects… but together, they had the power to change the world forever… and they decided to use this power for good.

These were the names of the Ten Wizards who formed the Council of Ten. There was Yadaru the Wise, Tyaerith the Powerful, Aerith the Woodsman, Aelo the Wind-Bender, Astysti the Fire Sender, Yasur the Bloodthirsty, Hyaralnu the Servant, Tali the Fair, Isrira the Gatekeeper, and myself… who was called Seuthe, the Elder. I was considered by many to be the oldest and wisest, mostly because I had already done battle many times before the next eldest of the Ten was even born into this world… and so by the time the Council came under attack, I was already well an old man.

When we ten magic users joined our forces to bring peace to the world, we wielded a power far too terrifying to imagine. The likes of this world had never seen magic so powerful… and whoever opposed us was crushed with little resistance. As the armies and kingdoms of the world united under our rule, we founded the “Council of Ten” from Dienscraig, and ruled the known world with wisdom and foresight. For 100 years we kept vigil over peace in the world… but some of us were growing old with age. Not even we were strong enough in our skills of magic to undo the effects of time, as it left our bodies weak and frail… So we began to train a replacement for the first one of us that would pass on.

His name was Tolmoric, and he was a very gifted magical prodigy. His progress and growth in a new peaceful world, with masters and tutors in all ten of us, astounded even me. He grew by leaps and bounds, and with our combined teachings, he grew to be exceptionally powerful… even more powerful than any of us had ever been individually. You see, we had to learn by trial and error… but we passed instantly on to him all of the secrets that had taken us hundreds of years to unlock.

When the time came for me to step down and give him my council seat, for I was growing older and more frail by the day, he launched his attack. Unknown to us, Tolmoric had grown more powerful than we had known, at a much earlier age."

And so, with the uprising of Tolmoric began the 3rd Age.

3rd Age… The New Age of Darkness, or, The Age of Tolmoric

The “Tolmoric Uprising” began almost exactly 100 years after the Council had been founded. At that time, Tolmoric was about 25 years old, and was already a very powerful wizard. However, he was not alone in his crusade, and while his genuine reasons for attacking Dienscraig remain a secret to this day, it is very possible that greed and a desire to rule the kingdom by himself, coupled with his lust for power and own overwhelming pride in his abilities, all played a significant role. “The Elder Histories” describe the event as follows…

“Very early in his training he (Tolmoric) learned how to mask his activities from our magical foresights, and by the cloak of this deceit, he twisted our magic used for good into a new breed of evil… a magic bent only on death and destruction. By the time we had realized our mistake, it was too late. In one powerful surprise attack, Tolmoric was able to single-handedly defeat the entire “Council of Ten”, while the army that he had secretly built defeated the defense of Dienscraig. The humans and elves that guarded the city’s gates were no match for the monsters and abominations that Tolmoric used against them.

In a single day, the second era of the world… the one that had brought peace, ended. It ushered in a new era, an era of darkness."

Luckily, all was not lost. While there was nobody in the world who could oppose Tolmoric as an individual, the rest of the city states quickly came together and formulated a plan to stop Tolmoric. It is unknown exactly how Tolmoric was defeated… the records of the final assault on Tolmoric’s stronghold in Dienscraig were never recovered, as the city was torched by war ships that were anchored just off the coast. These ships used a new type of technology that reigned a blanket of self-propelled missiles on the entire city, bringing everyone in it, including Tolmoric, to a fiery demise. It is rumored that Tolmoric was actually defeated before the fire storm started by a group of heroes who had gone in undercover. It is also rumored that these heroes may have had possession of certain magical items that were mentioned in “The Elder Scrolls”. There is also speculation that some of Tolmoric’s most trusted agents, finally realizing his madness, turned on him in the end to help the heroes defeat him. Of course, no proof of this was ever found, and most of those who knew the intricate plans of the assault sacrificed themselves in the fiery inferno that followed the initial invasion on Dienscraig. But their sacrifice was not in vain… regardless of how it was accomplished, Tolmoric fell, and with him fell his dark influence over the land that had slowly crept up and taken hold.

4th Age… New Age of Chaos

The world rejoiced as they entered a brighter, but still uncertain age that lasted for about 50 years. During this time, more chaos ensued. Many different city states vied for control of the newly divided land, and many small wars broke out as different leaders attempted to step up into the new position as supreme head of Vorucia. It was not until about 50 years after Tolmoric’s demise that a human man was finally successful, and his name was Osthamus Degrott.

5th Age… Age of Osthamus Degrott

History of Vorucia

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