Bellcrest is a City state located in the North West corner of Vorucia, between the Western Barren Lands and the Northern Mountain Ranges.

Climate: Very cold temperatures all year around. There is usually a lot of snow and ice all over the region.

Geography: Rocky tundra. Snow, ice, rocks, sparse trees and vegetation… frozen lakes and rivers. Foothill type of terrain, lots of small hills, caves, and valleys.

Industry: Bellcrest has always been a very technologically advanced city state. They export expertly crafted technology to other city states and to the government, but need to buy their supplies from different city states, as they have little natural resources of their own.

Lifestyle: Many citizens around Bellcrest either work in factories, work in coal mines, or hunt/trap in the foothills for a living. Enlistment in the Bellcrest guard is also a major source of income in the area. Many people live in small log huts that are designed to withstand the cold temperatures.

History: Bellcrest was the city state where the famous Firestorm technology was developed. This technology consisted of Sea to land, self propelled missiles that were fired from sea based ships at Dienscraig from the harbor. They detonated and spread thick, hot fire over an area of almost 60 square feet, and could not be extinguished with water. They were also a leader in the Resistance against Tolmoric during Tolmoric’s uprising, and may have been responsible for locating certain magical items that were useful during the final invasion.

Ethnicity: Bellcrest is made up of about 50% humans, 25% elves, 20% half elves, and 5% mixed races.

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